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Our rich history dates back to the 1880's when our founder, Alexander Arthur, took interest in this unique area. Built inside the indention of a meteorite crater, early Middlesboro was called "Little Las Vegas" by some and "The Pittsburg of the South" by many.


We are the home to ragtime music and the oldest continuously played golf course in the United States! Sitting at the foothills of both a National and State park, Middlesboro is an outdoorsman's dream.


Our goal as community is to preserve the historic atmosphere and small town charm in Middlesboro. So stop on by and take a look around; Who knows, you just might stay awhile!

Cumberland Gap National
Historical Park Visitor's Center

The visitor center houses a museum with hands-on exhibits, a book sales outlet, and an auditorium featuring two films.

Bell County Museum

Now home to the Bell County Historical Society and a  collection of  historical documents, photographs, and artifacts of the Cumberland Gap area including the adjacent counties of Harlan and Knox Counties.

The Coal House

Built in 1942, this structure is built entirely out of bituminous coal and serves as home to the Bell County Chamber of Commerce while offering an exhibit on coal mining.

Alexander Aurther Museum

While this building was one of the first buildings to be built in Middlesboro, it now houses a display of personal items owned by the founder of Middlesboro, Alexander Arthur, and his family.

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